Elizabeth C. reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star  10/23/2018 · 
Good Morning
I want to thank Kathy and Christian from Front Desk Belle for their continuing exceptional services. FDB has changed my life with their positive attitude and amazing attitude towards helping me solve challenges, from cleaning to services to great advice while looking for a new home to rent. My house is always spotless, refreshed and well organized after their services. I love their close attention to detail. They are also very thoughtful when choosing cleaning products, I have pets and they use all natural products.
Thank you again Kathy for providing friendly focused hard working staff along with great value for our money. What a professional company!

Jesse S. Lyons reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star​ October 6, 2017 · 

The staff and team of Front Desk Belle were on time, thorough, and helpful in cleaning my rental house on multiple occasions. I recommend them to anyone.

Mara Whitcombe reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star​ December 5, 2017

I wish that this business was located near me in New Hampshire I would be certain to use it! I have previously worked with Kathy and know that she is an amazing leader and business owner. She will go above and beyond to satisfy and complete the task at hand. She is extremely professional and detail oriented! Again if she ever opens a division where I am located I would be the first one for requests!!!

Christina DeJesus reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star​  January 1

Kathy is a very professional woman and conducts her business in the same matter. Her passion for helping others goes beyond just running a business. I have had the pleasure working with her and she was always kind and true. Kathy will make sure everything be is taken care of and she will make sure your needs are met. This business is more than just amazing take my word for it and give them a try. You will be very pleased with your choice!

​​Charles H. reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star
7/23/2018 · I asked Kathy at Front Desk Belle to help me plan for short term rentals of my home in Rockbridge VA.  She was so helpful and came out that day to look at the property and share her advice with us.  I trust Kathy and Christian 100% to take care of the details and make sure everything is right.  After bad experiences with other services, I was so relieved to finally find FDB and let them take care of everything so I didn't have to worry about it.  Do not miss the opportunity to work with FDB - you will find that their services are a great investment which never disappoints.

Melissa Kinkle reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star​ October 2, 2017 · 

I have been doing business with the Front Desk Belle for 3 years. Kathy and her team have always provided excellent service, are always perceptive, professional, flexible and highly attentive to the needs of their clients. While she is the CEO and owner of Front Desk Belle, it was a surprise to me that Kathy is not above getting her hands dirty to ensure her clients have a positive experience! I have always heard the saying "It's not personal, it's business." But asking a stranger into your home or event isn't a decision all of us make easily and it IS personal. In all my experiences with Front Desk Belle, I have noticed a common theme. Kathy prides herself in quality, character and integrity and it shows in her work, in her businesses and in the people she devotes her time to mentoring. Thanks to Front Desk Belle for leading by example and always going above and beyond. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of assistance with their home, event or business.

Sheri W. reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star 7/23/2018 · 

TFDB is run by a couple who are committed to supporting their local community. They believe in doing a fair job for a fair wage, and are reliable and dependable. Highly recommend them!

Matthew R reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star   07/27/2017

Excellent customer service, they showed up on time and cleaned our house to perfection. I would highly recommend Front Desk Belle to anyone!

Nicole L. reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star​ October 15, 2018 ·
This company is top-notch. I have used them for many things over the last year or so and they always are willing to help. I have used them for house cleaning, picking up dry cleaning, as well as errands here and there. The packages they offer are affordable and I have always been happy with the services they provide.

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Ida Marguerite Swisher reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star September 28, 2017 · 

I received wonderful service from this company! I had a large cleaning job, that absolutely had to be done at the last minute, and Kathy (the owner) actually rearranged her schedule in order to provide me with the help I needed to get my property clean before viewing (all with very little notice)! She came personally the day before to look at everything and provide me with an accurate time and cost estimate. She even brought her employees who would be doing the job, so they could see what needed to be done and I could tell them my expectations. She and both employees were extremely polite, professional, and very nice. The two women showed up on time the next day, and did a wonderful job! The house was sparkling, and the porch and yard looked fantastic! At the end of the day, Kathy came back over herself to inspect their work and make sure I was satisfied. And when the two women left, they took all my trash to the dump for me at no extra charge! I was waiting on a paycheck at the time, so she let me send my payment through the mail at a later date. The day after the cleaning, I received a very nice text thanking me for my business. In general, it was a wonderful experience, and I will definitely recommend this company to anyone else who needs a job done!

Robert Stone reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star ​ June 21, 2018 · 

This company is by far the best in customer satisfaction and customer service! I called yesterday to have my house cleaned and they had me scheduled the next day! I couldn’t find anything left or over looked. Very friendly and professional! Highly recommended, if I could give more than 5 stars I would!!!

Anna-Lisa Nay Fitzgerald reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star October 24, 2017 · 

We were very pleased with the prompt attention to services provided by The Front Desk Belle and the professional manner in which they were conducted. We are fortunate to have this service in our community.

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Lauren Routh reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star July 24, 2018 ·

We came to The Front Desk Bell to find someone to clean our house. The woman who came was on time, very polite and professional. After she was done and left, I went through to just check everything - there was nothing out of place and not a spot missed. Highly recommend this company and will be using again in the future!!!

De An reviewed The Front Desk Belle Concierge Services — 5 star  July 14, 2018 · The Front Desk Belle has been exceptionally helpful, reliable, and responsive. Currently, they are managing my property for me, and no matter what the problem or assistance needed the Front Desk Belle finds a way to find a solution.